Arsedent Elite Dental Clinic

About clinic

Arsedent is one of the leading dental clinics which is distinguished by its complex approach to the prevention an highly qualified treatment level of diseases of the oral cavity. The clinic became private in 2002. It was completely repaired and renamed Arsedent. Individual dental rooms, surgical department, as well as the out-patient department are located in this building.

The clinic has 8 dental chairs and other necessary equipment. The qualified and experienced staff of Arsedent will make Your teeth healthy and will present You a charming smile.

Founder and director of clinic is Serob Z. Arsenyan.

Our working style is the individual approach and professional treatment in comfortable conditions.

Arsedent provides spotless sterility with the help of the latest apparatus including autoclaves and antiseptic solutions.

As we have conditions for in-patients we can provide consultations of a cardiologist (including cardiography), allergist for pregnant women when necessary.