Arsedent Elite Dental Clinic

Arsedent offers the whole range of dental services:


  • Anestesia (narcosis)

All the types of dental interventions are provided for those who wish intravenous introduction of corresponding preparations and short-term sleep.

  • Physiotherapy and X-Ray examination

The contemporary devices allow to carry full volume physiotherapeutic procedures, and radio-diagnostics helps to administer an effective course of treatment.

  • Children’s stomatology

Our skillful specialist makes Your child’s smile more beautiful. If necessary the treatment of Your child’s teeth can be conducted under general anesthesia.


  • Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment of maxilla-facial anomalies is also provided: method of prevention and treatment of incorrect position of certain teeth and the shape of the dental arch of any complication degree. The treatment is carried out with the help of contemporary apparatus (brackets), and mini implants can be used if necessary.

Diagnostics is made with the help of special computer program which makes the result of the treatment visible for the patient, even changes in their look.


  • Therapeutic stomatology

We do our best to keep Your teeth: we use prefabricated dowels and parapulpar pins, cast dowels and ceramic inlanes of the latest generation which aren’t practically attrited and precisely reproduce the structure of the healthy tooth. To treat the root canals all the light polymerizing filling and venire we achieve absolute identity between the treated and healthy teeth.


  • Paradontology

Diseases of paradont and gums are one of the causes of tooth loss. To prevent healthy gums complex treatment is implemented in the clinic using method and medicaments with the subsequent bleaching of the teeth.


  • Tooth bleaching

Tooth bleaching is carried out by means of all the methods known in dentistry: chemical, halogenic, laser and POWER system.


  • Surgical stomatology

The presence of surgery and a great choice of implants in the clinic allow to perform all kinds of maxilla-facial surgical interventions from tooth extraction till implantation and osteoplastics.


  • Implantation

As we have a surgical department in Arsedent clinic precise implant placing is conducted for out-patients. For the fixation of movable dentures IMTEC MED or ALPHA-BIO mini implants are used with the help of which the patient has the possibility to wear movable dentures. Fixation of the denture and implant placing are done in one day.


  • Prothesis

Our clinic is unique in this aspect as we provide patients with movable dentures during 2-3 days. The fact that we have a laboratory equipped with modern apparatus we offer all kinds of orthopedic services adopted in modern stomatology. Specialists trained in Germany work in the clinic.